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      IBSpot Global in Social Media, Aims for 1 Million Followers

      ibspot, its global network in social media Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) aims to attract 1+ million followers. 

      The top 10 US retailers show that they invested heavy on social medias, such as frequency of updates, video posts, limited time offer coupon discount, Q&A online chat as well as regular product updates.

      Due to popular of mobile phone uses, there is a trend of increasing influence of shoppers habits to shop on based on their family and friends recommendations and attraction seen on others' social media, rather than the traditional users that sitting in front of computer or laptop. It is a platform for branding and allow business to have social interaction with their customers.

      The future will belong to the companies that are smart enough to create or infiltrate events where young people with discretionary income and a set of shared tastes want to be. Thus, companies need to go where the consumers of today are, not where they expect them to be, in front of their television or computer.